New Fall Flavors and Classics

Even though it's still summer, I've been busy developing a couple new fall flavors to add to the yummy line-up.
I just love caramel apples, and wanted to create both the sweetness of caramel and the tartness of granny smith apples into a single caramel. No easy feat!
After trying a host of different extracts and emulsions, a chef friend suggested a simple, pure ingredient to try. And it turned out to be just perfect. Exactly what I was looking for and all natural too boot. 

I've done some market research, taste testing different recipes and I think I nailed it. If you are at the Sunset Market in Oceanside on Thursday evenings, please stop by and try a free sample - and tell me what you think.

I know it's going to be one of my all time favorites!
Next up... Cranberry Spice. Mmmmm!


Social Market Fairy

Going to try blogging again now that is running well. I think a good way to start is to share my adventures as a "Fairy".

At first I called myself a "Carney". I was wrong! Carney's work at carnivals. A friend explained that we are Fairies since we work at fairs. Okay, I like it. But I thought it was cool to be a Carney, but Carnies do not think it's cool to be a Fairy. 

Now you must understand that never, and I mean never, did I imagine myself slinging home made caramels at street fairs. Sometimes doors open up, you walk in, and it all just falls into place.

I really like doing this. I kinda love it. Tonight's Sunset Market is a perfect example.

I spend a couple days making the yummy caramels to sell (I'll get into that in another post someday), then take them to market. I never do more than 2 a week. Remember that this is my retirement fun and I don't want to work too hard.
After setting up my booth, I get a chance to visit with my "market family". These fellow vendors are as different as night and day. Some do this full time and actually make a good living. Some work full time jobs and are trying to start something better, make their fortunes promoting and selling their dreams.
Most are just great, hardworking folk, others are real jerks. Just like any other business. The jerks usually don't make it. These ventures do best with owners who love the public, have faith in their products and love hard work. I enjoy their feedback and get to sample some pretty incredible food and products.

Tonight I spent a lot of time visiting with friends. I've lived in this town for over 30+ years and know LOTS of people. The caramel booth seems to have become a gathering place. Friends and family know they are always welcome.
Sometimes I lose sales because I'm conversing with friends, but they will come back - they always do. And good things are worth waiting for.

So, while sharing my caramels with all my amazing customers, I get a chance to spend time with my friends, each and every one of them are jewels in my crown. 

Being a Fairy is not only financially rewarding, but more importantly, socially rewarding.
So keep stopping by for a visit and try some caramels too.